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Average FTH Salary: £3500


Quality Designer with support staff.

Suited to all types of businesses and operations teams that need help with more advanced design.

  • Unlimited Requests & Revisions
  • Dedicated Designer
  • Minimum 8 years of Experience
  • Art Director (1 per 10 designers)
  • Creative Direction (1 per 10 designers)
  • Studio Space
  • Project Manager (1 per 4 designers)
  • Project Managed Dashboard
  • Computer / Laptop
  • Adobe CC Licensing

* All prices above are exclusive of VAT for UK-based companies

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We assign a dedicated designer & account manager that are the right fit for you and your needs along with a Creative Director to ensure top design quality.



Begin submitting design projects through our dashboard and we make any adjustments necessary on efficiency and ways of working together.

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